- 11 -

Flanks seem to be fairly secure. Hear that 1 SS Pz Div has been identified at Baron, while 2?SS Pz Div has been pressing at Bretteville.

A breakdown lost a wheel this afternoon trying to recover tanks of 1 Northamptons (Forster - Lt Col) at La Taille - on a tellermine or possibly some sticky mines. Many tracks seem to be mine

Went and saw Cox (7 G Howards) at La Senaudiere with Webster (Oldman 2-in-C was there) tps not really rested after 7 days out of the line

An old soldier complained of all the men with four stripes on their arms and thought they should be doing their bit - an old sweat - and then said little; he had an MM.

1 Hamps did a good patrol last night, found a tank - first oil bomb missed and tank moved on. Seconds tank found and Molotov failed to ignite. Threw a 77 and this put outside of tank on fire. Killed 4 of crew, captured one who bailed out. They had to knock him on the, head as he shouted. Tank reported to be still there this morning.

A Sapper with an officer 9 DLI bagged a prisoner at Juvigny.

Visited Hamps (but Howies was at Bde),and got near some mortaring and paused by an old farm. They were aiming at Devons mortars.

From there went through Tilly, a shambles completely and saw some Panthers KO'd there. Americans in the area looking at these - they haven't had any in their own area.

Brig Trier (176 Bde, 59 Div) came in and had tea. He had a new BM. Went off to 69 Bde to get the form.

Heard that 51 Div signs on the beaches have H D + 3 written on them. Who put that on - a great insult?

Thompson (driver) and Osborne went to Bayeux to see how the office was going. Some progress apparently and what I want. Brig Knox and Gordon to div to see GOC re two defence pls for Army HQ for our old soldiers in place of 59 Div men.

Saw Tom Pierce and said I should hear of his job soon.

Div Comd rather angry about Cooper Mathews (102 A Tk Regt) in all guns in front line. (All inf in front line). Start working our business of river crossing with ducks. Noel Wall rang this morning. Ring Dick this evening.

For 8 Corps a day of reorganisation with bridgehead over R Odon drawn in to depth of 1200 yds or so.

Last night saw the heavy raid on Villers Bocage - 250 Halifax‘s and Lancasters. Could hear the thunder of bombs - could see the bombs (16 x 250 lbs per bomber) pouring out. Flak was only light. One bomber exploded, one broke in two and came down in flames and one other reported down, Fighters gave high cover, columns of smoke seen after this rising behind the hills. Air OP very excited flying up and down watching. 7 Armd Div shelled what tpt was left, while Typhoon bombers completed the destruction. All from 8 pm on- wards. No news except enemy order of battle on 8 Corps front. Right to Left:- 2 SS Pz, 9 SS Pz, 10 SS Pz, 1 SS Pz, 12 SS Pz, 21 SS Pz, making with Lehr PGR seven pz divs.

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