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R AURE. Flows Westward from BAYEUX to the BAIE DES GRANDS VEYS t.49. Between BAYEUX and TREVIERES 6483 the average width is 15 to 20 feet; the earthen banks are steep and from two feet to three feet high. Level, open meadows border the river, which occasionally has scattered trees along its banks. The main roads crossing the valley run on low embankments, the overall length of the bridges being up to 60 feet.

Downstream from TREVIERES the valley widens. At L'ETARD 6283 the river is 30 feet wide and three feet deep while at ISIGNY 5085 it is 80 feet wide and up to 12 feet deep.

R SEULLES. Runs Northward to the coast at COURSEULLES-SUR-MER. It is 20 feet wide at JUVIGNY 8466 and at VIENNE EN BESSIN 8679, 30 feet. The banks are usually of earth and steep, often three feet to four feet high, and at COURSEULLES even higher. The depth is subject to tidal influence, but it is not usually less than three feet.

R ORNE. Flows North-West to ST REMY 9240 and then North-East to the sea near OUISTREHAM. It widens to 20 feet about one mile South of ARGENTAN 2619; between ARGENTAN - STE CROIX 0723, to 30 feet; between STE CROIX - LA BATAILLE 9536 to 60 feet; between LA BATAILLE - LE HOM 9347, to 100 feet; and from LE HOM - CAEN to 125 feet.

Between PUTANGES 1021 and THURY HARCOURT 9446 the river flows in a steep' sided valley which in places becomes a gorge with almost precipitous sides. The banks vary in height from about four feet to 12 feet, being highest near PUTANGES, ST MARC D'OUILLY 9834, and MUTRECY 9855. These banks are usually of earth or clay and in some places are lined with trees.


Of the three main rivers in the area, the R ORNE is the most serious obstacle, particularly in the upper reaches between ARGENTAN and THURY HARCOURT, where the sides of the valley are precipitous, and below CAEN, owing to its width and muddy bottom.

The R AURE is most difficult to cross between TREVIERES and ISIGNY When this stretch is in flood. The R SEULLES is, in general, not a serious obstacle and may be forced at several points.

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