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The progress of operations in those first few dramatic hours ashore is outlined by the following messages received at Main Head- quarters Second Army during the morning:-

Time of originTime of receipt
0930 hrs231 BdeMONT FLEURY battery captured 0950 hrs Lateral road 073811-096800 and beach clearance at 074812 - clear at 0845 hrs
1 HAMPSHeld up at LE HAMEL 0945 hrs
1 DORSETBy-passed ASNELLES and on the way to ST COME 8685
2 DEVONAlso by-passed ASNELLES
1055 hrs1 C SCOT R In area 957853 at 0915 hrs
R DE CHAUDIn area 993846 at 0915 hrs
1038 hrs1058 hrs69 Inf BdeIn VER SUR MER 9185 and still meeting opposition in LA RIVIERE
1045 hrs1110 hrs3 Cdn DivLine 936863 to sea at 025846 reached at 1020 hrs (except at 972842)
1050 hrs1140 hrs8 Brit Inf BdeLocality 062780 captured 0955 hrs 185 Bde In process of landing
1130 hrs1202 hrs7 Cdn BdeCaptured BANVILLE 9483 and ST CROIX SUR MER 9283 8 Cdn Bde In area TAILLEVILLE 0082
1140 hrs69 BdeReached Pt 44 9184 to Pt 52 9085 - high ground West of BUHOT 8585
231 Bde1 HAMPS still held up at LE HAMEL
1 DORSET followed by 2 DEVON approaching BUHOT
1223 hrs69 BdeAdv towards CREPON. 2 DEVON in ASNELLES and moving towards RYES 8483
151 BdeAshore.
1215 hrs1250 hrs231 Bde1 DORSET South of ARROMANCHES and troops beginning to enter LE HAMEL
1235 hrs1245 hrs56 BdeAshore complete

Meanwhile the guns of ships of the Royal Navy pounded in support of the operation. Provision had been made to land with 6 Airborne Division a number of observers from the Forward Observation and Bombardment Liaison Unit to control the shooting.

Similarly, observers from divisional and army artillery of 1 Corps were either landed from the air or passed through to the airborne bridge- head East of the R ORNE to observe for the field and medium guns with the LEFT division.

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