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FormationNo of TanksRouteDate of ArrivalData in Battle
12 SS Pz Div200via LISIEUX Q 58 and ARGENTAN U 21 towards CAENNoon D DayEvening D Day
17 ss PG Div160 (see Note 1)via GRANVILLE T 13 and COUTANCES T 25 to the CHERBOURG Peninsula or towards VIRE T 63 and North-EastPM D DAYD plus 1
179 P2 Trg Div100 (see Note 2)via EVREUX and LISIEUX towards CAENEvening D plus
1 Pz Group ORLEANS160via LE MANS - ALENCON Z 38D plus 2
84 Inf Div-moving from North to LE HARVED plus 2
2 Pz Div160moving from AMIENS via PARIS - DREUX - ARGENTAND plus 4
5 Para Div-by air or road (road more likerly)D plus 4
3 Para Div-by air or road (road more likerly)D plus 4
Inf Div REDON--D plus 5 (see Note 3)


By 28 May further reliable information came to light:-

1. 17 SS PG Div was later reported to have no tanks at all and little transport of any sort.

2. 179 Pz Trg Div was later reported to have 50-75 Mk IV tanks - and no others.

3. Inf Div REDON was later reported in the CHERBOURG Peninsula and therefore would not be brought into action against Second Army.

"Assuming that all these divisions will be used against Second Army that we impose no delay on their movement; and that he has in fact the maximum number of tanks showm in the preceding paragraphs, the German build- up works out as follows:—

Done static division
" infantry division
three panzer divisions560
D plus 1 one panzer division100
D plus 2" panzer division 160
" infantry division
D plus 3--
D plus 4" panzer division160
two parachute divisions
D plus 5one infantry division
D plus 6

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