- 3 -

(b) 50 (N) Division will continue with its tasks as given in para 17 (a) (viii) above.

(c) 49 Infantry Division

During the period of concentration 49 Infantry Division Artillery, as it arrives, will be deployed so as to carry out tasks which will be allotted by Commander Corps Royal Artillery 30 Corps.

(d) Commander Corps Royal Artillery 30 Corps will co-ordinate a Fire Plan in support of 7 Armoured Division.


19. (a) These phases are likely to start between D plus 7/ D plus 8 and D plus 12/D plus 17 respectively. Objectives have been given to assist commanders to plan ahead. Methods of execution of these phases will be notified later.

(b) Corps axis of advance will be BAYEUX - TILLY 8468 - VILLERS BOCAGE - MT PINCON.

(c) Contact with United States Corps during these phases will be made in the area. immediately South of FORET L'EVEQUE 6348 and VIRE 6331 respectively.

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