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The outline plan was that the assault should be carried out on a two corps front. 30 Corps was to assault on the RIGHT and 1 Corps on the LEFT with an approximate boundary running duo SOUTH from LA RIVIERE 9386. 30 Corps was to assault on a one divisional front, two brigades up, and was to capture BAYEUX on D day. 1 Corps was to assault on a two divisional front and was to capture CAEN on D day. It was visualised that airborne troops would be used to secure the high ground between the rivers ORNE and DIVES. The whole assault was to be supported by a heavy aerial and naval bombardment. The Army Group Commander insisted that by D plus 3 a minimum force of four seaborne divisions, including four armoured brigades, and one airborne division must be landed and effective on Second Army front.

To resolve this outline military plan into a balanced. combined operation, it was essential for the headquarters of the naval, military and air forces to plan together.

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