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PHASE 1 - The Assault on D day


(a) 50 (N) Division will:- Codeword

(i) Land with two brigades up on beaches "J" and "K"SIWARD

(ii) Overcome the resistance on the beaches and establish control of high ground West of BUHOT 3585 - MENUVAINES 8985 - Point 52 9085 - Point 44 9184.HOTSPUR

(iii) Establish control of the high ground in the area of ST SULPICE 8181 - LA CROIX 8781 - CREULLY 9180.OFFA

(iv) Seize and re-organise on the general line Point 63 7781 - BAYEUX - MONUNIREL 7777 - BLARY 8076 - ST LEGER 8675 before last light on D day. NOTE: THE AREA SOUTH-EAST OF BAYEUX IS VITAL TO 3O CORPS PLAN AND MUST BE CAPTURED AT ALL COSTS.TOSTIG

(v) Exploit as far as VILLERS BOCAGE 8157 with a strong forward body containing armour and commanded by Commander 8 Armoured Brigade.PENDA

(vi) Concurrently with the above tasks protect the RIGHT flank of 30 Corps and seize LONGUES 7986 and PORT EN BESSIN.AUBREY

(vii) Make contact with 1 United States Division at:-

Road junction 753854
Bridge 763823
Cross-roads. 755797

(viii) On completion of the task given at (iv) above, be responsible until further notice for the security of 30 Corps sector North of TOSTIG.TOSTIG

(b) 7 Armoured Division. As units disembark they will be prepared to operate as a Corps Reserve in case of emergency.

(c) Tactical Headquarters, 30 Corps, will disembark before last light D day and will open approximately 1200 hrs D plus 1 in the area VER-SUR-MER 9285 or LA ROSIERE 9284.

PHASE II - SECURING OF VILLERS BOCAGE AREA D PLUS 3/D PLUS 4 (but see para 17(a) (v) above)

18. (a) 7 Armoured Division, with 56 Infantry Brigade under command, will advance from its assembly area to secure the area VILLERS BOCAGE. Contact with V United States Corps will be made at CAUMONT 7059.

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