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(ii) Yellow smoke or flares

These signs will be displayed as required or when a friendly ail signals a succession of white or yellow verey lights.

(d) Visual - Ground/Air and Air/Ground

The new Combined Panel Code described in Interservice Instructions for Ground/Air Recognition and Identifications, 1943, will be used for communication between Ground and Air Forces. The use of this code will be limited as far as possible to the "Ten Essential Battle Messages" and the four Headquarters Signals given in para 2(a) above.


(a) Coloured smoke will be used by ground troops for indication of targets, as follows:-

(ti) H plus 2 hrs D Day to last light D plus 5 - RED.

(ii) First light D plus 4 to last light D plus 6 - BLUE or VIOLET

(b) From H hour to H plus 2 hours D Day RED smoke may be used by infantry mortars for indicating targets to supporting tanks. All troops should be warned, however, that on no account may red smoke be employed in this way after H plus 2 hours.

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