0050 - Main body of the Bn dropped over a wide area.

0235 - 110 All ranks had reported at the RV by this time.

0930 - Bn arrived at LE PLEIN took up positions in the area CHATEAU D'AMFREVILLE and engaged the enemy. Heavy mortaring throughout the day.

Appx C

At 0900 hrs the col1umn was fired on from the front and left flank as it approached rd june 133757. As the advance continued the enemy 30-40 strong withdrew to the cross rds on the eastern out- skirts of the village. The leading elements of the column there- upon put in a straight forward attack down the line of the road. This dislodged the enemy who fell back on the rd junc in the centre of the village leaving 15 dead behind them.

The enemy now held a position of some strength with MGs posted on both flanks. The CO therefore occupied the houses at the eastern end of the village.

The enemy now attempted to counter attack by a right flanking move through the orchards. As this attack came in it was met by the Vickers MG at 20 yards range, the attack immediately dissolved, leaving a further dozen dead behind.

It became apparent that the strength of the enemy's position lay in one particular house. The CO therefore decided to send a party of 30 right flanking to take this house in the rear. This attack failed, however, as the house had been properly prepared for defence and loopholes all round. Furthermore it was surrounded by a 6 ft wall with MGs firing on fixed lines along the edge of the force, leaving one section at the rd junc.

WD Jun 44 5 Jun

1 Cdn Para Bn.
Remainder of the Bn proceeded to Down Ampney Airport where each stick reported to its respective Aircraft. Parachutes were put on and a short prayer was offered for the success or the mission. Bn emplaned at 2245 hours and were airborne at 2300 hrs in C-47 aircraft. C Coy had emplaned at 2230 hrs in Albemarles.

6 Jun

CARTER BKS BULFORD - The initial stages of operation OVERLORD inso- far as the 1st Can Para Bn was concerned, were divided into three tasks. The blowing of two bridges over the RIVER DIVES at 1872 and 1972 and the holding of feature ROBERHOMME 1873 was assigned to B Coy with under command one section of 3 Para Sqn Engineers. The destruction of a German Signal Exchange 1675 and the destruction of bridge 186759 plus neutralisation of enemy positions at VARRAVILLE 1875 was assigned to C Coy.

The bn was to drop on a DZ 1775 in the early hours of D Day, C Coy dropping thirty minutes before the remainder of the Bn to neutralise any opposition on the DZ. The Bn emplaned at Down Ampney Airfield at 2250 hrs on the 5th June, 1944. C Coy travelled in Albenmarles and the remainder of the Bn in Dakotas (C-47). The flight was uneventful until reaching the French Coast when a certain amount of AA fire was encountered. Upon crossing the coast-line numerous fires could be seen which had been started by the RAF bombers. Unfortunately the Bn was dropped over a wide area, some sticks landing several miles from their appointed RV. This factor complicated matters but did not deter the Bn from secur- ing its first objectives.

Protection of Left Flank of 9 Para Bn - A Coy

A Coy was dropped at approximately 0100 hrs on the morning of 6 Jun 1944. Lt. Clancy, upon reaching the Coy RV found only tow or three men of the Coy present. After waiting for further members, unsuccessfully, of the Coy to appear, he decided to recce the village of GONNERVILLE-SUR-MERVILLE 1676. Taking two men he proceeded and penetrated the village but could find no sign of the enemy. He then returned to the Coy RV which he reached at approximately 0660 hrs and found one other officer and twenty ORs of the Bn and several men from other Bde Units waiting. The entire body then moved off along the pre-arranged route to the MERVILLE bty. Encountering no other opposition en route other than heavy RAF bombardment at GONNEVILLE-SUR-MERVILLE. Upon completion of the 9th Bn task the Cdn party acted first as a recce patrol to clear a chateau 1576 from which a German MG had been firing and then as a


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