who was later evacuated severely wounded, over-ran the Casino area on the West of the strongpoint.
Then the assault went in on the Battery, all Tps moving according to plan. Heavy casualties were inflicted on the enemy who put up a very stiff resistance from their strong fortifications and cunningly camouflaged block houses commanding excellent field's of fire. The concrete emplacements had withstood severe Navel bombardment exceedingly well, and although outnumbered, the Germans were in excellent. defensive positions and had advantages of em- placements which had successfully withstood a terrific pounding from the sea and air. Several prisoners were taken when the Germans surrendered after their position had become untenable. Casualties on both sides had been high and after the engagement medical orderlies from opposing sides worked side by side succouring the wounded.
One of the outstanding features of the defence of the Battery by the enemy was the careful sighting of their positions, and from the Cdo's view point, the difficulty of finding points of enemy fire power during the mopping up stages, so well had the emplacements been prepared. But at least one point of Hitler's Western Wall had proved vulnerable under determined enough attack.
No. 4 Cdo then withdrew to the area where the ruck-sacks had been left and prepared for a strenuous and back breaking 9 miles march under constant sniping and mortar fire to HAUGER across the CAEN Canal and the River ORNE. A stick of bombs dropped by a German plane caused no casualties, but mortar fire and sniping occurred at the bridges after the majority of the Unit had safely crossed them. It was here that Lieut. P.M. Mercer Wilson - the only casualty of the crossing of the bridges - was killed during a minor action against the enemy.
Continuing unmolested the Unit reached the cross roads (121755) on the RANVILLE - SALLENELLES Rd, where Brig the Lord Lovat DSO, MG, Commanding No. 1 Special Service Bde was contacted. The Brig ordered the Unit to move forward and take up defensive positions in and around the village of HAUGER on the extreme left flank of the Allied landings and in direct contact with the enemy. Head- quarters was established at a smell farm in the village at 2130 hrs and troops were allotted their defensive areas and carried out digging slit trenches and weapon pits, a task which took until the early hours of D+1 (7 Jun 44),the area having been reconnoitred by Major P.A. Porteous VC.

WD Jun 44 6 Jun

6 Commando Cdo lands on QUEEN RED at 0840 hrs and marches to the positions at LE PLEIN taking en route one German battery, 16 prisoners and killing 24. Total casualties first day 3 and 32.

Landed 0845 hrs and moved to.RV in woods 086797 without much opposition. The going was difficult owing to marshy grounds and full ditches. The Cde crossed severall minefields signed "MINEN" but suffered no as which indicates that they were dummy fields.
Cdo had fighting in BREVILLE where it discovered 4x10.5 cm and a 20 mm (manned).


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