WD Jun 44 7 Jun

6 Airborne Div. - 0001 - Sitrep Continual attacks from South all held - now known that brs at TROARN and VARAVILLE were successfully blown. Owing to strong resistance 1 SS Bde were unable to adv beyond line BREVILLE - LE PLEIN except for isolated patrols 0030 - Br at BENOUVILLE taken over by 3 Br Inf Div. 0200 - Coy of 12 Devon which arrived by air ordered to come under comd 13 Para Bn from 0500 hrs for purpose of holding area HEROUVILLETTE after airldge bn had pushed on to ESCOVILLE. 1030 - 1 SS Bde began to adv through SALLENELLES with a view to mopping up the coastal area. 1030 - Sitrep. BREVILLE in enemy hands - LONGUEVAL captured by 1 RUR. 1120 - 1 SS Bde ordered to attack and capture FRANCEVILLE PLAGE forthwith. Two cruisers allotted in sp subsequently to capture and hold LE HOMME SUR MER. 1415 - 1 RUR consolidation complete in LONGUEVAL. 1 SS Bde reported that at 1350 hrs they had cleared FRANCEVILLE PLAGE and taken 4 fd guns - attack was being mounted on LE HOMME SUR MER. 1 RUR attempted to occupy ST HONORINE but were driver off by armour. They thereupon fell back to consolidate in their old posns at LONGUEVAL. 1500 - Enemy developed a strong inf and armd attack on 1 RUR posn area LONGUEVAL. This attack was repulsed after stiff fighting. The enemy falling back on ST LHONORINE. By 2030 hrs 6 Airldg Bde was firmly est on line LONGUEVAL - HEROUVILLETTE. In the course of this fighting 1 RUR destroyed 2 tks and one SP gun and one unidentified gun. 1815 - 12 Devon (seaborne) entered Div area, and were ordered to take over from 12 Para Bn. 12 Para Bn into div res ares 110745 on relief.

WD Jun 44 7 Jun I.Sum.2

6 Airborne Div. Toward midday came the first reports of a conc of enemy to the South of the Div area - seven hundred lorried inf arriving in SANNERVILLE 1368 from West and thirty tks from TROARN. The inf appeared to be 192 Pz Gren Rest identified on the previous day West of the R ORNE. This force halted on adv South by our tps and counter-attacked fiercely during the afternoon in the area South of RANVILLE. These attacks were fought to a standstill by 1700 hrs and were NOT resumed during daylight. In the meantime to the North our tps had been clearing FRANCEVILLE PLAGE and had taken the bty posn at 155776 a second time. They were, however, forced to withdraw from the latter posn by previously registered enemy fire. The appearance of PW from 12 SS Pz Div HITLERJUGEND in the RANVILLE area was explained during interrogation as follows - The whole of the Div Armd Recce Unit left the LAIGLE area by 0500 hrs on D day after receipt of the alarm and travelled via LISIEUX to the BANNEVILLE area 1367. On D+1 the Recce Unit moved West through CAEN. Our PW were stragglers who took the wrong turning in CAEN and found themselves on the wrong side of the ORNE. In the light of this it appears that elements of 21 Pz Div have been given the role of containing the Airborne Forces East of the ORNE whilst 12 SS Pz Div HITLERJUGEND passes through CAEN or South of CAEN to attack the Allied beachheads. On D+2 a continuancy of these attacks must be expected coupled with threats from 711 Div Area whilst 12 SS Pz Div moves West of CAEN.

I.Sum.3 7 JUN

Enemy Sit. A message received too late for inclusion in Int. Summary No. 2 reported 1,000 enemy inf moving West through VARAVILLE 1875 during the afternoon of 7 Jun. These tps were later identified as II Bn and III Bn of 857 Gren Regt of 346 Inf Div. These Bns left LE HARVE area at 2100 hrs on D day travelling on bicycles. After this epic ride II Bn recce'd the


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