offr and 6 ORs and as they approached the town firing could be heard on the outskirts. The OC decided to try to rush through the town in the jeep. This manoeuvre succeeded, and although fired on at many points the party succeeded in breaking through, and they reached the bridge. They had insufficient explosive for a complete demolition, but they did succeed in blowing one arch by 0530 hrs - then realising they had no hope of passing back through the town they immobilised the jeep and set out on foot to rejoin the force.
The CO 8 Para Bn knew how affairs were progressing at BURES but he was not aware of the action of the detachment RE at TROARN. He did know that his pl was fighting on the outskirts of that place - and at about 0900 hrs six half tracked armoured vehicles attacked him on his firm base position - the ensuing action lasted about two hrs, and ended in the destruction of all six AFVs.
The CO then appreciated that the enemy fighting his pl plus the six AFVs must account for practically the whole enemy garrison of TROARN. He therefore decided to advance with his force round the Northern outskirts of TROARN to destroy the bridge East of the town - he had heard rumours that the bridge was already blown but they were unconfirmed. He moved at 1200 hrs and on arrival further demolition on the bridge was carried out, increasing the gap to 40 ft long by 1400 hrs.
The bn then returned and occupied its position in the bridgehead in the area x-rds 140703.

WD Jun 44

8 Para Bn - 3 Para Bde. - 0850 - Elements of armoured Recce Regt began to arrive in the Bn area. Lt. Col. Stewart liaised with CO and arranged that 8th Bn would provide protection for them at night 1600 - Armoured Recce reported that an SP gun at was giving them trouble, and would we deal with it. OC A Coy was detailed for the task with 1 p1. By the time he reached posn of SP gun it had withdrawn so he pushed on to recce ESCOVILLE which he found to be clear of enemy. Patrol returned about 2100 hrs with an enemy 6 ton track filled with petrol and oil Patrolling.

WD Jun 44

9 Para Bn - 3 Para Bde.
Destruction of CD Bty 155775.

Bn were also allotted secondary task of seizing and holding LE PLEIN feature until relieved by 1 SS Bde.
Nearest DZ was 2400x from the Bty.
Gliders carried scaling ladders, additional Bangalore torpedoes, bridging equipment and amn.
Dets of RE and Fd Amb were put under comd.
Plan included:-
(a) Dropping from a single aircraft of a recce party at 0020 hrs.
(b) Dropping of an OBOE of 4000 1b bombs from 100 Lancasters on Bty posn between 0030 hrs and 0040 hrs.
(c) Landing of gliders as close to bn RV as possible.
(d) Drop of 9 Para Bn on DZ at 0050 hrs. Taping party dropped in a marsh and lost their tape. Bn strength at finish was: 80.

ORs---total - 65 ?

Secondary Task:
As soon as bty was captured enemy began to shell it fast and heavily, so bn reorganised and moved fast.
Wounded were left with German MO and SBs who were among PWs.
When attacked enemy fell back to rd junc in centre of village (HAUGER) .

WD Jun 44
7 Jun

Appx C

9 Para Bn - 3 Para Bde. - LE PLEIN - 2130 - Bn relieved by 1 SS Bde and proceeded to LB LE MESNIL temporary positions were taken up. In this area the Bn reverted to Bde control and were given orders to hold the high ground South of ST COME.
The bn now reverted to bde control, and during the night 7/8 Jun moved to the woods south of ST COME 1373, where they were ordered


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