Lack of arty sp and evidence of increased enemy strength in ST HONORINE led to calling off of the attack. During the with- drawal of para bn, enemy infiltrated into LONGUEVAL and were not cleared out until midnight.
9/10 - 100 enemy killed by arty fire in wood 081711.

9 Jun

1 RUR. - LONGUEVAL - 0600 - Enemy snipers returned to woods behind Bn HQ.
0700 - Information received 12 Para Bn to move to LONGUEVAL this morning. Bn would put in attack on ST HONORINE and 12 Para Bn would secure FUP for Bn attack.
1100 - 12 Para Bn arrive in LONGUEVAL and prepare to move forward to secure FUP on line of woods 092719 - 088716
1130 - CO gives out orders to 0 Group, meanwhile sniping continues with increasing violence and reports received that 12 Para Bn being heavily mortared on FUP.
1210 - Information received that Arty fire plan would not be possible owing to more important engagements; attack on ST HONORINE was therefore cancelled by Bde Comdr.
1410 - Information received that RAP was being attacked and that casualties on Medical Jeep were being sniped by Germans at 20 yds range. From subsequent reports this early information was con- firmed, and it was also verified that Lt. Col. Anderson Comdg 195 Field Ambulance, who had been working in the RAP, had been shot.
Major J. Drummond and Major F.R.A. Hynds both witnessed the occurrence, and both waved Red Cross flags so as to be fully visibile to the German snipers. Major Hynds subsequently reported that one German had waved the Ambulance train on after he had shouted to him and waved the Red Cross flag. Several casualties were shot and further wounds caused during; this incident and one RAMC nursing orderly was shot dead whilst assisting personnel on stretchers.

WD Jun 44
9 Jun

2 Oxf and Bucks - 1345 - ESCOVILLE was reported clear by patrols. C Coy occupied area or chateau.
They came under fire from armd cars and at 1645 in face of increasing enemy threats, withdrew.
1730 - Enemy in some strength seen in ESCOVILLE.
1900 - Hy enemy fire and attack by inf, tks and armd cars. DF came down end energy withdrew.
2 MK IVs KO (on fire) and 2 armd cars. 40 cas.

WD Jun 44
9 Jun

12 Devon OP on ring contour (1170 - overlooking STE NON LA CHARD) Bn mortars blow up enemy amn dump in contour area. Mortaring, shelling and starfing by enemy planes.
1930 - Hy enemy arty and mor fire.
2030 - Enemy attack under smoke and are beaten back.
Cas 3k - 11 w - 1m.

WD Jun 44
9 Jun

HQ 5 Para Bde. 4 SP A Tk guns (17 pdrs) arrive in Bde area from 3 Div - now 61 A Tk guns defending Div locality incl 5 from 3 Div arty.
2000 - Set piece attack on 2 Oxf and Bucks supported by Tks and SP guns. Attack beaten off and 2 Oxf and Bucks reoccupied ESCOVILLE.

WD Jun 44
9 Jun

7 Para Bn.

WD Jun 44
9 Jun

12 Para Bn. - LONGUEVAL - 1130 - Moved to LONGUEVAL under command 6 Airldg Bde to take over village whilst RUR attacked ST HONORINE. Bn was ordered to work forward into fire posn and support RUR by fire. B Coy cased forward but came under heavy MG and Mortar fire suffering many casualties. A and C Coys also reached their posns. Owing to continued Hy mortar it was decided to withdraw the Zn and try to retrieve the casualties. The stretcher bearers were magnificent and worked with complete deregard to their personal safety. The Bn then withdrew to original area N of RANVILLE.


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