WD Jun 44
9 Jun

9 Para Bn. - ST COME - During the night 8/9 Jun two 3" mortars were received also 5 Vickers MGs. Up to this time the Bn's sole heavy weapon had been one Vickers MG. In the early morning a determined enemy attack was launched following a heavy mortar concentration. This attack and others that followed were repulsed with very heavy losses to the enemy. During the after- noon a counter attack was launched against an enemy force which had infiltrated into the Bn area.

Appx C

During the night 8/9 Jun, Bde sent up to the Bn two 3" mortars and 3 Vickers MGs. This enabled the CO to organise a mortar section and a strong MG Pl of 4 MGs, one of which was mobile on a jeep. At first light on 9 Jun a very heavy mortar concentration was put down on the Bn area,.and a determined infantry attack developed from the NE. In View of the close nature of the country the enemy advanced to within 50 yds before fire was opened - 2" and 3" mortars joined in repelling this attack at the risk of causing casualties amongst our own troops and they did cause a few. The defensive fire inflicted appalling casualties to the enemy who broke and fled. Another attack developed an hour later with the some results. Later in the morning information reached the CO that a serious situation was developing immediately to the South of his Bn area, where an enemy attack was developing on Bde HQ. The CO immediately organised a force of 30 men and 2 MGs which he led himself, attacking the enemy in the rear. The line of attack was down the main road; the two MGs were placed firing down the road, while the force attacked left flanking, clearing house by house. By degrees the enemy position was outflanked, and the enemy withdrew into a very thick stretch of woodland running parallel to the road.
During; the afternoon on enemy attack by one and a half Coys developed from the East. It succeeded in infiltrating through the woods, and the situation became serious. A counter attack, one platoon strong led by the 2 i/c was therefore launched. It was partially successful. It stopped the enemy, but failed to drive him back. The counter attack pl was caught in the flank by two MGs which split it in two, kill two officers and 5 ORs and wounding another 5. The pl then withdrew.

WD Jun 44
9 Jun

1st Cdn Para Bn. Weather was fine. Enemy patrols were active along the Bn front.

9 Jun

6 Airlanding Bde. - 0555 - Report from 12 Devon - MG post 099722. Enemy met moving uphill on rds ST HONORINE towards orchard on ring contour.
0600 - RA fired on Ring Contour. Awaiting results.
0650 — RA Lt Bty firing 500 yds up on previous target.
0655 - Four half track vehs on Ring Contour.
0825 - ESCOVILLE clear of enemy. Report by 5 Bde.
1000 - Bde comd returned with news that RUR are putting strong coy into ST HONORINE as enemy appears to have withdrawn from ST HONORINE after stonk of last night. RUR patrols found ST HONORINE occupied at 0900 hrs but at 0430 found it being evacuated.
1010 - RUR occupied ringed contour.
1222 - RUR are entering ST HONORINE.
1420 - Pl 2 Oxf Bucks reports 1 Pl in edge of ESCOVILLE has con- tacted 1 pl, 1 armd car which it proposes to destroy with mortar support.
1700 - RUR being attacked in LONGUEVAL. Pz tks being used.
1820 - 12 Para Bn went to assistance of 1 RUR. Found RUR could not take ST HONORINE so retired to quarry 114749.
2055 - Enemy attacking the village of LE BAS DE RANVILLE. 'A' Coy had slight penetration but eliminated it. Enemy shelling. Very heavy attack put in on right of Devons.
2100 - 3 SP Guns have penetrated right corner of 1 RUR RV.

Current Reports from Overseas No.49

9 Jun

6 Airborne Div. Para bn formed up south of LONGUEVAL to attack ST HONORINE.


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