2330 - Dakota a/c dropped supplies by parachute. 13 Para Bn casualties for 6 Jun 44: Killed - 1 OR, Wounded 25 ORs, Missing 2 Offrs and 56 0Rs.

Notes on Capture of BENOUVILLE brs D day from Jul 1945 edition of "COVENTANTER" (Cameronians) by 2 i.c. 7 Para Bn.

Plan of Def of brs.

B Coy " LE PORT.
BN HQ " NE corner of LE PORT.
1 Pl C Coy to disused gun posn.
1 Pl C Coy to send section to main NORTH, WEST and SOUTH approaches of BENOUVILLE to give early warning of counter- attacks.
1 P1 to form close brhead round brs and then go into reserve.
(C Coy was to be lightly equipped Coy).
Glider force to go into res between brs.

Rommel's asparagus was not deeply embedded.

Sign that br was taken was Victory V's on Bren. 1 Pl of C Coy had reported by 1800 hrs. Coy Comdrs glider had its nose resting against the br.

A fair number of tps were forming up to attack at 0655 hrs when the bombardment of the sea landing began and they steered off.

There were three counter attacks from the West in the morning. Cdo's signal of bagpipes was heard accurately at 1215 hrs.

Two more counter-attacks in afternoon.

6 Airlgd Bde's arrival dispersed one counter-attack.

All officers in A Coy were wounded. Relief party could not get back. They were surrounded in the South of BENOUVILLE.

A bridging train and 300 RE drove through LE PORT.

A fresh bn cleared BENOUVILLE and extricated A Coy by 0130 hrs.

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