WD Jun 44
10 Jun

HQ 5 Para Bde. - 1100 - Enemy est one bn in strength attacks towards RANVILLE from direction of BREVILLE Attack not supported by arty or tks. 13 and 7 Para Bns inflict hy casualties on enemy as they cross open ground. Some enemy penetrates RANVILLE but later mopped up. Isolated Pocket of enemy remain in orchard LE MARIQUET and other areas on DZ. Many PWs taken.
1600 - 2 Coys 7 Para Bn supported by sqn Sherman tks and covering fire of 13 Para Bn attack LE MARIQUET and mop up enemy on DZ. Heavy casualties inflicted on my and many PW taken. Est total enemy cas for day 300 dead 70 PW.
153 Bde 51 Div passes through Bde area and occupies area TOUFFREVILLE. BREVILLE heavily shelled during night.

WD Jun 44
10 Jun

7 Para Bn. - LE MESNIL - 1535 to 1809 - Bn completed successful attack on enemy in woods between bn posn and LE MESNIL taking up final posn in LE MESNIL

WD Jun 44
10 Jun

12 Para Bn. - LE BAS DE RANVILLE - 2100 - Remained resting until 2100 hrs when Bn was put under command 155 Bde and sent to take HAUGER - 2230 - Bn less B Coy in posn.

WD Jun 44
10 Jun

13 Para Bn. - RANVILLE - 0300 - Capt. Kerr, commanding 2 pls of B Coy, covering northern approaches, reported enemy MG fire on his posns from woods near BREVILLE. Bde HQ confirmed presence of enemy bn in BREVILLE and arrangements were made for reception of possible attacks. Intermittent shelling, resembling ranging continued until dawn.
0725 - Enemy debouched from woods about 129736 - 2 Coys infantry.
0730 - Arty engaged enemy (about 50) 124744
0745 - Approx one bn enemy spread out between 117740 - 122925.
0825 - Enemy now at 118734 - 30 yards from posns. Heavily engaged by LMGs.
0845 - C Coy pl moved to orchard 115735.
0920 - Some enemy remnants conc in wood 121734 and mortar fire falling on x rds 114735
0935 - Wood 121734 being heavily shelled by our arty.
1010 - 18 PW brought in. Identified as III/858 Inf Regt 346 Div.
1155 - B Coy report further enemy attacks. 1230 - 1 Pl enemy moved into East end of RV.
1330 - Enemy reinforcing RV by infiltration.
1355 - Enemy smoke area 117738.
1455 - HEROUVILLETTE shelled by enemy.
1530 - Several pls enemy moved astride rd 129741
1630 - RV attacked by Sherman tks, 2 Coys 7 Para Bn and C Coy 13 Para Bn. cleared of enemy. 73 prisoners taken.
2315 - 249 Sqn RE under c md for def.

Current Reports from overseas No.44

10 Jun

Action at RANVILLE 10 Jun.Sit in Northern Sector 6 Airborne Div.
(a) 1 SS Bde was holding LE PLEIN feature incl HAUGER.
(b) In 3 Para Bde area
(i) A Bn (strength approx 190) was holding the woods North of LE MESNIL. 9 Para Bn.
(ii) Cdn B and 8 Para bns (approx 300-400 each) extending southwards beyond the A rds.
(c) 5 Para Bde area:
(G Bn in HEROUVILLETTE - 2 Oxf Buck All para
(E Bn in LE HOM
(F Bn div res across two rds running SW from SALLANELLES.

Enemy Attack
0800 - Hy mortaring of SS Bde, also arty fire and bombing on RANVILLE and LE HOM. Enemy worked into gap between SS Bde and X Para Bde at BREVILLE.


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