7 Jun

6 Air Landing Bde. - 0135 - Have received report enemy captured 1 Sub unit of 12 Para and are wearing their uniforms (from 1 RUR).
0800 - 2 Oxf Bucks occupied HEROUVILLETTE and trying to push fwd to ESCOVILLE.
1000 - 1 RUR occupied LONGUEVAL
1005 - 2 Oxf Bucks occupied ESCOVILLE.
1115 - Col. R.G. Parker called at Bde HQ for infm regarding own tps for GCC:-
1 RUR in LONGUEVAL and moving on to ST HONORINE. 2 Oxf Bucks occupy HEROUVILLETTE 0800 hrs and ESCOVILLE 1005 hrs. Col. Parker reports 1 SS Bde putting in ttack Northwards.
1130 - 2 Oxf Bucks report trouble with AFV in ESCOVILLE.
1130 - 2 Oxf Bucks in ESCOVILLE on objective.
1145 - 5 Para Bde report HQ est 1173.
1310 - 6 enemy tks and armd cars reported in wood East of TOUFFRE- VILLE at 1050 hrs. Enemy armd car reported South of Escoville same time.
1330 - RUR withdrawn from ST HONORINE attacked by tks, trying to reform at old location LONGUEVILLE.
1411 - 6 Tiger tks, 2 SP guns and ONE Coy area LONGUEVILLE
1425 - RUR report enemy inf infiltrating in wood South LONGUEVILLE
1330 - Bde HQ subjected to heavy attack sustaining light casualties
1555 - Oxf Bucks withdrawing 1 Coy from ESCOVILLE and making front line with main Bn,, including 13 Para Bn.
1825 - RUR have formed up in area LONGUEVAL.
Reported from RUR's one Mk V knocked out, 1 SP gun and two other tks, the enemy were surprised by a 17 pr, the inf following the tks fled.
2050 - 700 Lorried Inf 192 Pz Gren Regt moving to SANNERVILLE 1368 1210 hrs.
2250 - Heavy shelling from Naval ships on enemy posns.
2330 - Inter Bde bdys Ring Contour - Corner of Wood 100735 excl Church 111736 Rd June 107744, 2 Oxf Bucks under comd 5 Para Bde, 12 Para Bn under comd 6 Airldg Bde.

7 Jun

1 RUR - 0200 - C Coy report in position on Ring Contour 30. No opposition encountered. On pl MMG in support.
Bn task of seizing STE HONORINE and LONGUEVAL confirmed. Orders issued by CO:
C Coy to remain on "Hill 30" as fire support. A and B Coys Assaulting Coye. A rt. B left. D Coy in reserve. FUP Copse 095727.
Route: RANVILLE - track June. 104734 - track junc. 102734 - FUP
0600 - Bn moves from LE BAS DE RANVILLE
0900 - A and B Coys enter LONGUEVAL without opposition C Coy subjected to heavy shelling and mortar fire. A and B Coys move to positions at 093718 and 088715 for attack on STE HONORINE D Coy move forward to Rd junc. 085715
1215 - A and B Coys enter STE HONORINE, but forced to withdraw owing to immediate enemy counter attack supported by SP guns. Very heavy shelling and mortaring of C Coy area continues and CO orders evacuation of Ring Contour 30 and concentration of Bn in LONGUEVAL
1600 - Bn concentrated in LONGUEVAL Bn HQ established in HOUSE No. 157.
1615 - Area subjected to heavy and continuous enemy mortar fire; digging in proceeded in dispositions shewn on attached trace. Casualties during the day had been heavy but Medical Services had been very satisfactory and all wounded personnel had been evacuated to MDS in RANVILLE.
Fire support in the attacks on LONGUEVAL and STE HONORINE was not satisfactory. In the attack on LONGUEVAL, the FOB could not contact HMS ARETEUSA. the FOO could not range in time and the FOO of the lt bty could not reach contour 30 owing to shell fire. when STE HONORINE was attacked, owing to the need for speed, the bn gave as H hr a time which it could not keep. H hr was out back but the 3" mortars and MMGs were not informed and expended most of their amm, leaving very little for when the attack did in fact go in.


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