relieved by a tp of 3 Cdo and pulled out of line to rest. HAUGER - D Tp had reoccupied their positions at a Farmhouse (131763) on the HAUGER - SALLENELLES Rd and alongside a hegde lending to the woods in front of the Chateau. They come under mortar fire and Major P.A. Porteous VC decided to withdraw to a position affording a better field of fire and linking up with No. 45 (RM) Cdo.
Meanwhile F Tp 2" mortar and MG fire routed the enemy troops opposing them on the start line, and. despite 8 hours mortar and shell fire the Tp had only one casualty - a mortarman in action being hit by shrapnel.
Further shelling broke out during the afternoon and was followed by a heavy attack on C Tp, who were defending the road leading to the Cdo's new HQ. This attack was held and heavy casualties were inflicted on the enemy.
After all enemy attacks had been neutralised, reinforcements from rested Airborne Tps took over No. 4 Cdo's positions and the Cdo, less D and E Tps went down the line to rest. D and E Tps were able to hand over their positions in the early morning.

WD Jun 44
10 Jun

6 Commando. - 0800 - Enemy attacks - all troops engaged. By 1700 hrs all attacks definitely repelled. Suspect enemy got it in the neck. Our own casualties total 16.

WD Jun 44
10 Jun

3 Cdo
shelling and mortaring.
No enemy at SALLENELLES.


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