laying mines in area 112690. 26 half track vehs entering CUVERVILLE from SE. 32 half track vehs, 5 towing guns, and one tk reported in sq 1166 moving NW, towards DEMOUVILLE across country.

8 Jun

1 RUR - 0900 - LONGUEVAL. Further digging and improvement or positions continued during the morning, frequently interrupted by enemy snipers in small groups penetrating woods behind the Bn position. Shelling and mortaring continued particularly in area of Bn HQ, but owing to the position of LONGUEVAL on the side of a hill dropping away to the River ORNE, a considerable number of shells and mortar bombs fell in and on the far side of the river. 1515 - Hy shelled by Br gun. Nosecap found.
Enemy pl infiltrated into A and B Coy posns and behind Bn HQ, but was eventually driven out.

Current Reports from Overseas No.49
8 Jun 44

6 Airborne Div
There were 40 A Tk guns in Bde area: accordingly a counter attack sp by tks on 8 Jun was decisively defeated. Line of attack from ST HONORINE to LES BAS DE RANVILLE.
52 Dev + 8 A Tk guns arr by sea. The relieved para bn in area LE BAS DE RANVILLE. Para Bn went into bde res north of village.
52 Bn at HEROUVILLETTE passed under comd of a para bde.
Dev 1 RUR Bn that evening beat off another attack.

WD Jun 44
8 Jun

2 Oxf and Bucks
Quiet day.

WD Jun 44
8 Jun

12 Devon. 7/8. Bombing and shelling.
Spasmodic shelling.

8 Jun

HQ 3 Para Bde. - 0200 - 9 Para Bn return to comd of this Bde. 0900 - Enemy res med sniping and minor attacks on 9 Para Bn and 1 Cdn Para Bn.
1315 - VARAVILLE bombed and shelled by cruisers.

WD Jun 44
8 Jun

8 Para Bn.

WD Jun 44
8 Jun
Appx C

9 Para Bn. The Bn now reverted to bde control, and during the night 7/8 Jun moved to the woods south of ST COME 1373 where they were ordered to hold the high ground about 135736. The whole area was heavily wooded and intersected with high thick hedges. At only three points where orchards adjoined the position was there any field of view.
At midday on 8 Jun an attack on the right flank of the position by the enemy infantry developed which was repulsed with comparative ease. It subsequently transpired that this attack was made by troops of the 857 Regt.
During the afternoon and evening several more thrusts from the NE were made in single company strength. None of these attacks were supported by covering fire.
During the night 8/9 Jun, Bde sent up to the Bn two 3" mortars and 3 Vickers MGs. This enabled the CO to organise a mortar section and a strong MG Pl of 4 MGs, one of which was mobile on a jeep. ST COME - 1200 - Attack by enemy infantry developed on the right flank and was repulsed.
Further enemy attacks launched during the latter part of the day. Ground held.

WD Jun 44
8 Jun

1st Cdn Para Bn. B Coy party returned from ROBEHOMME at 0230 hrs and were a welcome addition to the Bn strength. It was decided to clear the enemy from buildings at 144730 to neutralise the harassing fire which was coming from that position. Reece patrols went out from C Coy early in the morning and confirmed the presence of the enemy in the buildings. At 0900 hrs Capt P. Griffin with Coy HQ and 2 platoons from B Coy, strength or seventy-


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