WD Jun 44
9 Jun

6 Airborne Div. - 1200 - 1 SS Bde holding from AMFREVILLE - SALLENELLES beat off repeated attacks during night. 3 Para Bde beat off attack from East and have est battle outpost at BAVENT. 5 and 6 Airldg Bde no change - enemy conc COLOMBELLES to GUVERVILLE mostly inf and some SP guns - total cas to date 900 killed and wounded.
1500 - 1 RUR attacked in LONGUEVAL tks and inf penetrated the village but were held.
1900 - Enemy pressure maint on 1 SS Bde area, particularly in neighbourhood BREVILLE and SALLENELLES. Some infiltration but posn satisfactory.
2000 - shelling began off RANVILLE and posns held by 12 Devon South of the town. Also mortar fire and shelling on HEROUVILLETTE - enemy attack began almost immediately directed on 12 Devon coy posn at the x rds 140728 and 52nd posns in HEROUVILLETTE. Enemy penetrated 12 Devon front line and were dri ven out by immediate local counter attack.
Enemy attack on HEROUVILLETTE failed but four tks penetrated the village where they were knocked out. Situated reverted to normal by 2130 hrs.
2030 - Report from 6 Airldg Bde that enemy SP guns had penetrated LONGUEVAL.
2 SP guns sent to LONGUEVAL which enagaged enemy guns in dusk. Enemy immediately withdrew.
2330 - Bombing of RANVILLE area one hit on 6 Airldg Bde HQ - one man severely wounded - one SP gun KO.

WD Jun 44
9 Jun

6 Airborne Div. The expected attack from the South did not materialise until evening; at 2030 hrs the enemy launched what appears to have been a set-piece attack. Preceded by 30 mins fairly hy shelling the attack went in simultaneously on HEROUVILLETTE 1272 and on area in Square 1072 and was generously sp by aerial strafing. By 2200 hrs the situation was well in hand and the line restored at all pts.

Enemy Intentions. It appears probable that 346 Div will launch a dawn attack from BREVILLE at first light tomorrow possibly synchronised with general attacks from the South if the enemy there has had time to lick his wounds after today's beating. It is regrettable that in the absence of recent identifications in the Southern sector we have no clear idea of the composition of this force. It certainly comprises elements of 21 Pz Div and in view of reports that 12 SS Pz Div is being committed piecemeal as it arrives from the East it would not be surprising to find the odd "Hitler Youth”.

HQ RA 6 Airborne Div.

WD Jun 44
9 Jun

4 Airldg A Tk Bty RA.
Para resupply - ??? guns to Bty (6 pdr).
2 eets under comd 1 SS Bde.
14 guns in action. Intense shelling of Bty HQ area.

WD Jun 44
9 Jun

3 Airldg A Tk Bty RA
Arrival of B tp 17 pdrs by sea.
B tp person. in LONGUEVAL relieved by 2 Airldg LAA Bty.
1800 - Hy shell fire and inf aslt from South.
2100 - Enemy withdraw.
Cas: 5 ORs W.

WD Jun 44
9 Jun

53 Airldg Lt Regt RA.
In sp 1 SS Bde - hy concs.

9 Jun

HQ 3 Para Bde. - 1630 - Arrival of sea-borne party, less tpt.
1725 - Large force of FWs flying over area.
1930 - Attack on HEROUVILLETTE and RANVILLE by two Bns repulsed.

WD Jun 44
9 Jun

8 Para Bn. - 140703 — Patrolling and shelling.
1530 - Seaborne party arrived on foot under Lt. Miller.


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