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49 (Cond)

(d) Those wksps will continue to do all second line repairs until the arrival of Bde Wksps.

(e) 30 Corps Tps Gun Shop is concentrating in the DVT on JIG Sector, and will be equipped with dry air charging plant, gauges and special tools, and will be capable of dealing with every types of gun in the div.

50. Mine Detectors.

Particular attention will be paid at all stages to the maintenance of mine detectors.


51. Stages of waterproofing ‘A‘ & 'B' vehs is shown at Appces 'J.1' 'J.2' and 'J.3'.

52. 'A' Vehs.

The waterproofing of 'A' vehs is a unit responsibility, with the exception of Weldwar which if not completed by the manufacturers, will be completed by REME. 30 Corps are arranging for REME personnel to give all ’A' Vehs a final check at the embarkation pt.

53. 'B‘ Vehs.

(a) Assault Force.

(i) Assault force veh will be waterproofed in accordance with instrs given in the Manufacturer's handbooks. The only exception will be that Asbestos Compound will be used instead of WD Pressure Plastic on all parts, except sparking plugs on which WDPP will continue to be used. Any vehs for which no Manufacturer's instrs have been prepared will be waterproofed in accordance with instrs given in the AC Cards.

(ii) Certain units are being issued with prewaterproofed vehs as shown inAppx??? 'A' to 50 (N) Div Adm Planning Instr No.2 of 23 Mar 44.

(iii) The waterproofing of pre-waterproofed vehs is the entire responsibility of REME and for this purpose trained REME personnel will be allocated by War Office to certain selected VRDs, Marshalling Areas and Pts of Embarkation.

(iv) When a veh has been waterproofed to Stages 1 and 2 or A, the fact will be denoted by a blue strip (3" x 1") printed on the off side front mudguard just behind the wing lamp.

(v) The REME offr IC will ensure that the necessary waterproofing materials to complete Stages 3(i) and 3(ii) or 3(i) and B(ii) are placed in each veh before it is handed over to the unit at the VRD. The materials will be boxed or otherwise wrapped up and placed in the dvrs cab together with a copy of the manufacturer's W/P handbook or AC card applicable to that particular veh.

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