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64 (Contd)

(d) It is appreciated that, if it later appears probable that the enemy will use gas, and units are ordered to take unit eqpt, 1st line res and decontamination res, this will entail displacement of other eqpt. Unit eqpt, 1st line res and decontamination res, (incl 4% res AV Battledress) will therefore be taken to Marshalling Area.

(e) As an emergency measure an Army Gen Tpt Coy from the later Build Up is being held in a cone area pre-loaded with unit eqpt, 1st line res and decontamination res for tps ashore by D plus 5. If gas is used unexpectedly in the early stages, this Gen Tpt Coy will be given complete priority for mov, and shipped over as quickly as possible. In addition, unit eqpt, 1st line res and decontamination res for the whole force is being phased in as part of the stores programme from D plus 4 to D plus 30, and held in bulk by Ord, under arrangements 30 Corps,

65. Impregnated Clothing.

AV Battledress will be worn by all ranks.


66. (a) Two blankets per man will be loaded in unit tpt, one of which will be tied round the man's pack.

(b) Two blankets per man are being placed on ships and craft by Movements for personnel embarking.

(c) Instructions will be issued later, on the number of blankets to be taken aboard by personnel embarking, in addition to sub para (b) above.


67. (a) Units will land with full G 1098 eqpt.
(b) All vehs will carry camouflage nets.
(c) All tps will embark with nets for steel helmets.


68. (a) Units were detailed to indent on ADOS for Mae Wests and bags vomit in 50 (N) Div Adm Planning Instr No.2 para 28. Personnel deficient will be issued with lifebelts and bags vomit at the embarkation pt, under arrangements Marshalling Area Comd.

(b) On landing all tps other than actual assaulting tps will leave the lifebelts inflatable in the transit area. These will be collected under arrangements DADMS(E) 104 Beach Sub Area, and issued to Medical Units for use of casualties being evacuated.


69. Fmn and Regtl titles will NOT be removed.


70. Civilian Labour
Casual civil labour in forward areas may be used in small numbers for short periods under Service arrangements in cases of necess- ity, e.g. such tasks as clearing debris and obstructions. For this purpose, powers to procure and use casual labour in the Divisional areas as appropriate will be delegated, in cases where Offrs Commanding Administrative Units (Civil Labour) and Civil

Affairs Detachments .../15.

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