Appx "P" to 50 (N)
Div Adm Order No. 1 dated 9 May 44.


1. Signing within the B M A


Four classes of signs we being displayed within the BMA. They are:-

(a) Signs to installations and areas which require to be known and recognised only by tps of the Beach Gp, ie the routes from the Beaches to the Dumps.

(b) Signs to areas within the BMA which will be used both by tps of the Assault and follow up fmns and by the Beach Gp, eg signs to Transit Areas and routes thereto.

(c) Signs affecting Assault and Follow-up tps only: eg signs to Assembly Areas and routes thereto.

(d) Signs to guide tps and vehs returning from the Fwd Areas to Dumps, DSs etc in the BMA.

(i) Provost responsibility for signing within the BMA, finishes at the entrance to the Dumps, inside the Dump Area, signing in the responsibility of the Dump personnel.

(ii) All signs will be placed on the 'rule of the rd' side of the rd.

(iii) All signs used (except 'NO ENTRY' and 'AMN') will be painted Black with white or Yellow lettering. The lettering will be painted and not stencilled. 'AMN' - White on red; 'NO ENTRY' - Black on Yellow.

2. Types of Signs - (see also Annx 1)

The types of signs to be used will be as follows-

(a) Canvas (6' x 3’) on three 6‘ poles. These will be used for Beach Exits and the Entrances to Transit Areas.

(b) Canvas (3' x 2') on two 4' poles. Black lettering on yellow background. These will be used only for 'NO ENTRY’; facing Beach at Beach Entrance.

(c) Canvas (3’ x 2') on two 4' poles. These will bear the word 'EXIT’ and will be used at the exit of each Transit Area.

(d) Metal (24" x 18") plates supported by stake pins. These signs will be used throughout the BMA.

(e) Metal Franco Plates with stands supporting. These signs will be brought into use throughout the area as soon as practicable after the BMA circuit has been well est.


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