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31. Commitments

(a) Div Med Services will be responsible for all casualties among airborne tps and Commandos operative on Div front.

(b) PW will receive normal Medical treatment.

(c) Civilians. Military Adm Medical authorities are responsible for action necessary to prevent civilian epedemic disease interfering with Army efficiency.
Civilians will receive treatment under Civil Affairs Arrangements, Medical units assisting where necessary, providing the treatment of military personnel is not thereby prejudiced.

32. Control.

DADMS(E) of 104 Beach Sub Area is controlling evacuation of casualties and coordinating the Medical arrangements in both Beach Gps under the ADMS 50 Div until arrival of DDMS 30 Corps.

33. Command.

One Fd Amb Coy will be under comd each Inf Bde. 168 Lt Fd Amb will be under cow]. 8 Armd Bde. Detachments 168 Lt Fd Amb will be under comd Armd Regts attached to Inf Bdes.
Beach FDSs and ancillary medical units will be under comd ADMS 50 (a) Div through DADMS(E) and will revert to 30 Corps comd on the arrival of DDMS.
Div FDSs and build up of main bodies of Div Fd Ambs and 22 Fd Hyg Sec will remain under Div control unless otherwise specifically ordered.

34. Evacuation of Cas.

This will be as expeditiously as possible to Beach FDSs. Routes will be by down traffic roads only.
186 and 200 Fd Ambs will be prepared to hold overnight up to 200 cases each from D Day onwards.

35. Rations. Water. Small Kit & Controlled Stores.

Cas must be evacuated with water bottles rations and small kit. Controlled stores, if not retained by Units will be collected at ADSs, carefully documented and returned to ADOS under Div arrangements.

36. Blankets and Stretchers.

All blankets and stretchers will be replaced by the Medical unit receiving the cas throughout the chain of evacuation.

37. Cover.

RAFs and ADSs will ensure adequate protection to cas in their care by the provision of sufficiency of slit trenches. Demands on RE help when such is available, will be made for the ADS.

38. Divisional Pool.

Amb Cars. All heavy Amb Cars and such others as necessary will be collected as a pool under direct control of ADMS, in order to clear ADSs to FDSs as pool under direct control of ADMS, in order to clear ADSs to FDSs as the tactical situation demands.

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