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39. First Aid Eqpt.

(a) First aid haversacks have been issued to Units on the scale of one per five vehs on W.E.

(b) Contents and instructions in the use of these Kits is shown at Appx "I".


40. Landing Reserves.

In the early stages maintenance will be by landing reserves, packed on a Bde basis, and contain maint for units of the bde. Maint for Div Tps is, wherever possible, split up equally between the Bde Gp landing reserves of the Div. Special reserves are being landed for AVRE and FLAIL. In addition certain special reserves of stretchers and blankets are being landed within the first four days.

41. Channel of Supply - Ord Stores.

(a) All demands for Ord Stores will be submitted through ADOS, Rear 50 (N) Div.

(b) Demands for vehs and controlled stores will be submitted to Rear 50 (N) Div.

(c) During battle periods, losses of controlled stores will be submitted through normal channels to reach Rear HQ 50 (N) Div by 1800 hrs daily.

42. Unaccompanied G 1098.

Unaccompanied G 1098 on being landed will be placed in the O.B.D. of 104 Beach Sub Area. Units will arrange immediate collection on being notified of its arrival.

43. Special Packs of Spare Kits for Shipwrecked Personnel.

(a) Special Kits are being landed on D Day under arrangements 30 Corps for shipwrecked personnel, and will be available for drawing in the O.B.D.

(b) These spare kits consist of:-

Battle Dress AV - 1
Trousers AV - 1
Shirts Angola Drab - 1
Vests Woollen - 1
Drawers Collular - 1
Socks pairs - 1
Pullover - 1
Braces pairs - 1
Boots, rope soled (complete with laces) - 1
Bags Kit - 1
Field Dressing - 1
Knife, Fork and Spoon - 1
Towel Hand - 1
Razor and Blade. - 1
Brushes Shaving - 1
Knife Clasp and Lanyard - 1
Jerkins Assault - 1
Helmets Steel - 1
Waterbottles - 1
Tins Mess Rectangular - 1
Guns, M/C, Sten - 1 (in every fifth kit only)

9 mm Amn ......../9.

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