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established as directed by the ADMS and units notified.

26. Composition of Corps Med Units in Bridgehead.

(a) Each of the two Beach Gps will incl the following Medical units, landing on the first title:-

(i) Two FDSs (built up to increase holding capacity

(ii) Two FSUs equipped)

(iii) Two unequipped surgical teams to ensure 24 hrs service for each FSU.

(iv) One FTU

(v) Det Fd Hyg Sec for water, sanitary and gas duties

(vi) One Port det RAMC for medical stores.

(vii) Four secs Pnrs for stretcher bearing, erection of Medical tentage, digging in, etc.

(b) Casualty Embarkation Pt will be established to control all evacuation and will have two secs Pnrs for stretcher bearing etc.

(c) One CCS with one FSU, one FTU and one unequipped surgical team lands late on D Day and

(d) One other CCS with units as in (c) lands on D plus 3.

27. Medical Stores.

(a) Corps res of Medical Stores will be landed on D Day.

(b) Medical maint blocks will be landed from D plus 1 onwards. These will be held in OBDs until Adv Depot Med stores arrives, when they will be moved to CCS Area.

28. Blood and Transfusion Fluids.

(a) Transfusion Units are being landed from LSTs. These will arrive with 120 pints of blood in each. Insulated containers will be provided to permit blood being ferried fwd as required. Fwd Distributing Sec of BTU will be landed under Army arrangements on D plus 4. Prior to this, provision of blood will be by motor launches running a daily service. (b) Plasma and other transfusion fluids are also incl in Med maint blocks.

29. Hospital Sups.

Fd Ambs will carry the maximum Medical Stores incl comforts.

30. Hygiene.

(a) The rules of hygiene and sanitation will be strictly observed from the outset, as laid down in Appx "H".

(b) Two weeks supply of disinfectants will be landed by all units and if possible further supplies as tpt lift permits


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