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Appx P to 50 (N)
Div Adm Order No, 1.

7. Marking of Routes to BMA

Routes back from 30 Corps to the BMA will be marked with the code sign 'SUN'.

8. Signposting of Main Routes and Installations fwd of BMA

(a) No fmn signs to be shown on Army, Corps or L of C Area general traffic signs.

(b) With the exeption of fmn HQ signs, white on black to be adopted for all standard signs which are likely to remain in situ for a long period.

9. Corps Route Code Names

Fwd of Corps Rear Bdys 3O Corps is authorised to use the following symbols for marking of routes


These signs will be painted Black with White Centres.

10. Priority Flags

A check flag (18" x 14") with small black and white squares will be reserved for the Corps Comd.

The flag will be carried by a DR preceding the Corps Comd's car and will give complete priority all traffic giving way on seeing the flag and halting or clearing the rd if necessary.

11. Details of signs to be used on the Beaches, in Transit Area and in Dumps are given in Annx 1.

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