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Appx 'H' ) - Contd

7. (c) - Contd

deep trench latrines should be provided at the beginning of the occupation.

(d) General All refuse, empty tins and scraps must be incinerated or buried in all circumstances, otherwise camps will become infested with flies and rats.

8. Disinfectors and Drying Rooms

In the initial stages those will not be obtainable and improvisation will be necessary. Field Hygiene Sections will be available to assist in the construction of disinfectors of the Surbian Barrel type, in addition to using their own Field portable disinfectors.

When improvised Drying Rooms are in use the danger of poisoning by Carbon Monoxide must not be overlooked.

9. Clothing. and Blankets

One blanket will be carried either on the man or the first line tpt. Scale Three of Clothing will be adopted for all troops with the inclusion of a second pair of boots (the issue of two bars of soap instead of one bar as allowed in scale 3 has been recommended).

10. Burials

Medical Units will only be responsible for the burial of those who die within the unit; bodies will be wrapped in unserviceable blankets or hessian.

11. Removal of Bodies from AFVs

sanitary assistants in Field Hygiene Sections have been instructed in the procedure to be adopted. REME Units requiring assistance in this matter should apyly to the Senior Medical Administrative Officer of their formation for the attachment of a sanitary assistant to recovery Units.

12. Treatment and Control of Civilians, Refugees and Prisoners of War

(a) The provision of medical stores and equipment for civil use is not a responsibility of the Army Medical Services applications for these should be referred to the Civil Affairs branch.

(b) Refugees - Camps should have at least latrine facilities. Cooking and ablution facilities will be required.

(c) Prisoners of War - Cages should be sited on ground which will permit expansion by additional bays with areas for cooking, ablutions and latrines. Once PW Camps are established all prisoners will be medically examined and, if necessary, segregated and disinfected before mixing with other PWs in PW camps,

(d) Escaped Allied Prisoners of War - All escaped Allied PWs should be medically examined, bathed and equipped with new or clean clothes arrangements should be made for them to receive extra rations if there is any evidence of undernourishment.

(e) Civilian Labour

(i) Enrolled labour in labour camps - Before acceptance they will be


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