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medically inspected to ensure that they are free from infectious diseases. Medical arragements will be the same as for a Pioneer Company except that sick will be sent to a civil and not a military hospital.

(ii) Local Labour - It is not necessary to inspect local labour gangs unless there is an epidemic in the locality. They will be treated for sickness or injury under normal arrangements for the civilian population. For humanitarian reasons, however, urgent cases may be treated by a Medical Officer or sent to a military hospital if no civilian doctor or civil hospital is in the vicinity.

(iii) Civilians working in military installations or otherwise in close contact with troops will be medically inspected periodically by Army Medical Officers.

13. Captured Towns and Villages

The Senior Medical Administrative Officer of the formation occupying town or village will investigate:-

(i) Water Supply - The number and capacity of reservoirs - rate of flow. Bacteriological reports. He will arrange to supervise the chlorination of the supply.

(ii) Drainage - Details about disposal, pumping and flushing.

(iii) Street Cleansing - Institution of improved and satisfactory service

(iv) Infectious Diseases - Incidence, with special reference to epidemics.

(v) Prostitutes and VD - Quick survey, with planning of PA Centres.

(vi) Cafes and Shops - Cafes, barbers shops, lemonade, beer and ice factories inspected and issued with hygiene rules for compliance. Unsatisfactory ones are put out of bounds by Provost.

(vii) Hospitals - Availability for use and accomodation in civil hospitals, also sites for military hospitals.

(viii) Captured Medical Stores. - will be handed over to the nearest Medical Unit intact.

(ix) Latrines - Existing ones put out of bounds in the event of the drainage system being destroyed and alternative ones constructed. This applies especially to docks, Rail-heads etc where troops will be working or in transit.

(x) Medical Area - In vicinity of the town, for tented hospitals and ancillary medical units.

All Medical Officers making a reconnaissance of a captured town will bear in mind the possibility of booby traps and they will not enter the town until it has been declared free.

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