- 9 -

9 mm Amn Sten - 64 (in kits containing Stens).
Emergency Rations - 2 x 24 hr Pack.
Tins Soup Self Heating Water Sterilisation Outfit

The above eqpt will be packed in kit bags and will be labelled "SPARE KITS" together with the initial "L", "S" or "M" ( these letters denoting the sizes of BD, boots and other clothing contained in the bags). When a Sten gun is incl, the latter "G" is added.

44. Laundry.

Tps will be required to do their own washing until laundries can be est. 28 days supply of soap for this purpose has been demanded by ADOS on scale of 2 oz per man per 14 days and will be issued to units on receipt.

45. Boot Repairs.

Boot repairs will be carried out under unit arrangements until local contracts can bc made or repair centres est.


46. In the initial stages of the op, the REME policy will be on a Corps basis. 30 Corps Tps Wksps are responsible for all repair and recovery in the BMA area.

47. Div Wksps are due to land as follows:- 69 Bde Wksps D plus 4, 231 Bde Wksps D plus 5.

48. Recovery.

(a) Beach Rec Secs on the scale of one per beach are being landed on D Day and will be responsible for keeping the beaches clear. Vehs will be evacuated to the drowned veh pks. (D.VPs),situated on each Beach Gp Sector.

(b) Until the arrival of Div wksps veh casualties will be evacuated to DVPs by unit LADs

(c) In addition to the Bench Dec Secs, a Lt Rec Sec is being landed on D Day, and will be available to assist in evacuation of vehs as at para (b) above.

(d) A fwd rec post is being est under arrangements CREME Corps Tps as early as possible. when this post is est, units will evacuate vehs to this pt.

49. Repair.

(a) First line re pairs will be carried out by unit LAD, augmented by Bde Wksps personnel as directed by CREME.

(b) Second line repair is being carried out by two Wksps under arragements 30 Corps One will be est on each of JIG and KING Sectors.

(c) Each Composite Wksps will consist of:-

Half 30 Corps Tps Wksps. - 'B' Vehs & Guns
Half 7 Armd Tps - 'A' Vehs
10 Personnel ex 79 Arms Div - Flails 10 " " 79 " " - AVREs
3 " " 21 Army Gp - Mine Detectors
3 " " Second Army - RE Eqpt

(d) . .. .. . . /10.

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