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70 (Contd)

Detachments are not available, to the following:-


Payment will be made out of unit improst account to all labourer at standard unskilled rates (to be notified) and to men placed in charge of working parties at the rate laid down for foremen.
For the purposes of record and in order that all such labour can be placed under the control of the Officer Commanding Administrative Unit (Civil Labour) at the earliest opportunity, payment to all casual labour will be recorded on wage limits which will include units designation, location and improst account number, names and initials of labourers, hours worked, rate of pay, amounts paid and labourer's signature (on original only).
These lists will be sent to Div HQ for the information of the Labour and Civil Affairs Staffs the original being retained to support the improst account. Where possible lists should include notes in regard to the general availability of labour in the area for the information of the labour service.

If necessary, payment may be made partially in kind by the issue of rations of a scale as issued for enrolled civilian labour coys, the cost (to be ascertained from RASC) being deducted from cash payments made. Separate indents will be submitted for rations required, for which up to 72 hrs notice may be required before issued.


71. Div of Responsibility between CA and other Services.

(a) Pro

(i) CA, while NOT under comd of Pro, will comply with all reasonable requests made by them.

(ii) CA will reorg and control Civ Police in such a way that they can be used by Pro, in conjunction with CA, to control Civ population.

(iii) CA will est initial contacts with Civ Police. Pro will than deal direct with Civ Police on routine matters; but will deal through CA in matters of policy, except in emergency and in the absence of CA Offrs.

(b) S & T, Ord. REME. Tech Services.

(i) Local Purchase. CA will assist Central Purchase Control Board. and its agents in making local contracts.

(ii) Requisitioning, Hiring Claims. CA will assist Service responsible with local contracts.

(iii) Lab. CA will be responsible for obtaining lab as required by DD Lab, or in the absence of his rep, by Services; with the exception that RE, S & T, Ord and REME have certain powers in fwd areas in the absence of DD Lab and CA Offrs.


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