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(vi) Additional REME personnel, detailed by War Office, will be located in each Marshalling Area. It is their responsibility to carry out Stage 3(i) or B(i) of waterproofing, to check over Stages 1 and 2 or A and to make good any defects in waterproofing that may have developed during the journey from VRD to Marshalling Area. When the REME Offr IC at the Marshalling Area has satisfied himself that Stage 3(i) or B(i) has been carried out efficiently, and that Stage 1 and 2 or A have been checked, he will have a yellow strip painted on the mudguard next to the blue mark.

(vii) The vehs move from Marshalling Areas to Pts of Embarkation or 'Hards', where they will be met by REME personnel whose responsibility it is to carry out Stage 3(ii) or B(ii). When this has been done a red mark will be painted on the mudguard alongside the blue and yellow marks.

(b) All other 'B' vehs are the responsibility of the unit.

(c) Follow-up and Build-up

(i) The responsibility for waterproofing 'Follow-up' and 'Build-up' 'B' vehs rests with the unit, but it is the responsibility of REME to supervise, advise and check the work carried out by units.

(ii) The waterproofing of ‘Follow-up' vehs is carried out by the Asbestos Compound method in accordance with the AC Instr Card applicable to each veh.

(iii) Units will carry out Stage 'A' of waterproofing in unit lines or in Concentration Areas, not more than 200 miles from Marshalling Areas. This stage of waterproofing will be supervised by Fmn REME. When the unit REME Offr supervising waterproofing, is satisfied that Stage 'A' has been carried out efficiently he will have a blue mark 3" x 1" painted on the off side front mudguard behind the wing lamp. The unit is responsible for supplying the paint and brushes for this. It is the responsibility of the unit to ensure that materials for completing Stages B(i) and B(ii) are placed in each veh before it leaves for the Marshalling Area. The supervising waterproofing offr will check this.

(iv) Units will arrange for a res of W/P materials to be available in unit lines or concentration areas as a safeguard against deficiencies or defects in kits.

(v) It is the responsibility of Comd REME to check over Stage ’A‘ and to check that unit dvrs carry out Stage B(i) efficiently. When the REME Offr in charge is satisfied that this has been done, he will have a yellow mark painted on the mudguard clongsifie the blue mark. He will also check that materials for Stage B(ii) are on the veh before it leaves for Pt of Embarkation.

(vi) Comds are arranging for further parties of STATIC REME to be located at the Pts of Embarkation. These REME personnel are responsible for checking Stage B(ii) carried out by unit dvrs. The REME offr in charge is responsible for having a red mark

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