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6. (Contd)

(d) Area for Beach RE Stores.
(e) Water Pt.
(f) Med Areas
(g) Personnel Transit Areas
(h) Wheeled Veh Transit Areas
(j) Bivouac Areas
(k) Initial Dump Area

(c) The B.M.A. will contain the following depots, etc, controlled centrally by 104 Beach Sub Area:-

(a) Amn Depot
(b) Ord Stores Depot.
(c) RE Stores Depot
(d) Supply Depot (incl Postal Det and Water Pt).
(e) Assembly Areas (see para 10 etc
(f) PW Cage
(g) Rft Area In addition, certain Corps Adm Units, i.e. CCS, Corps Tps Wksps, etc, will be est in the BMA.

7. (a) Sufficient amn and POL of all types is being landed in the BMA on D Day, to replace all D Day expenditure. It is estimated that the BMA or Beach dumps will be open for issues by 1900 hrs D Day.

(b) An Amn and Pet pt will be established under arrangements Div RASC, area RYES 8483, as soon as the RASC has landed, units will be notified of time.

(c) It is essential that units replenish expenditure by first light D plus 1.

8. (a) W.e.f., from the opening of the divisional sup pet and amn pt, units will cease drawing from the BMA direct, except units of 8th Armd Bde who will draw direct, until the arrival of their second line tpt.

(b) RASC will continue to draw from the BMA until an FMA is established by Corps.

9. Initial Dumping Area.

(a) Service reps of 104 Beach Sub-Area will be in charge of initial dumps sub divided into secs on beaches as follows:-

Sector POL)
Stretchers and Blankets)
Amn)KING Sector
G 1098)

(b) RE Stores are being dumped with the Beach RE Stores dumps operated by 21 and 23 Stores Secs RE.


10. D Day (a) Personnel landing on the first tide will, proceed ashore as laid down in 50 (N) Div 0.0. No.1 of 9 May 44 Trace No.2.

(b) .........../3.

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