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or NCO at the rear of it informs on-coming traffic that a recognised halt is being observed. The above rules will be made known to all ranks. The maint of the Army depends on their strict observance.

77. Breakdowns.

During the early stages rec of veh cas will be impossible owing to congestion of rds. When a veh is obliged to halt on account of breakdown, it will be pushed clear of the rd. This will be done regardless of damage or delay to the broken down veh whenever such breakdown is likely to cause a hold up in traffic.


78. Until the arrival of the Salvage Unit and Salvage Collecting Centre on D plus 8 items of salvage will, as far as possible be backloaded to the Sup Pt or held in unit dumps. Particular care will be paid to the salvage of waterproofing eqpt. Such eqpt may not always be discarded in the Dewaterproofing Area in the Transit Areas, and in such cases it will be the responsibility of unit comds to form unit dumps of hardware etc.
It is possible that dumps of captured enemy eqpt will be encountered. In such cases, gds will be placed by the unit in whose area the Dump is found, and details, with the location of the dump will be notified immediately to Rear 50 Div HQ in order that the Salvage Unit may be instructed to take the dump over. Every effort will be made to prevent indiscriminate pilgering of these dumps, which may prove valuable.


79. Details of the function of the Hirings Service together with the procedure to be adopted in taking possession of buildings etc., are given in Appx 'Q'.

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