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(b) Transit areas are being est by 104 Bench Sub Area. pro landing on 1st tide

11. (a) Personnel landing on the second tide will proceed on to the transit areas on landing, and from there will be directed to Unit Assembly Area in unit parties by 50 (N) Div Check Post, est by A.P.M.

(b) Wheeled and tracked veh transit areas
Units landing on the first tide will detail reps to report to wheeled and tracked veh transit areas, and will direct all, unit vehs landing on the second tide to Unit Assembly Areas

(c) Vehs landing on the second tide will proceed either to the Wheeled Veh transit area or to the tracked veh area, and. from there be directed to unit assembly areas by unit reps detailed in para 2(a) above.

(d) Vehs on arrival in the transit areas will be de-waterproofed before proceeding to unit assembly areas.

12. D plus 1

(a) Personnel landing on D plus 1 will pass through the transit area to assembly areas under arrangements 104 Beach Sub Area.

(b) A Div control post will be est by A.P.M. in each beach assembly area to direct personnel to unit areas.

13. D Plus 2

(a) The transit areas are being closed after the 4th tide, and units will be passed straight from the beach to the Assembly Areas which will be organised, one behind each beach. WEST Assembly Area behind JIG Beach. EAST Assembly Area behind KING Beach. Each area will be split into five sectors, one of the five sectors will be split up into five sub sectors. Code names are allotted as at Appx "D".

(b) Units of this Division will assemble in SHELLEY Sub Sector behind JIG Beach, and BURNS Sub sector on KING Bench.

(c) Personnel landing D plus 2 and subsequently will assemble in sub sectors as at Appx "E".

14. All personnel landing subsequent to the first tide will be in possession of a landing card as shown at Appx “F”.

15. Documentation

(a) Personnel and vehs landing on tides 2, 3 and 4 will hand in AF W5169 and AF W3060 on arrival in appropriate transit area, to c/o transit areas.

(b) All subsequent tides documents will be retained and handed in at the assembly areas.

16 ...... /4.

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