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58. Tow Ropes

All vehs will carry two ropes wound round the bumper in the front of vehs, or in some easily accessible place, in case of trouble during wading.

59. Sandbags

All vehs will have the floor below the drivers and passengers seats sandbagged, as a protection against mines.

60. Veh Markings

(a) Div Signs and Serial numbers will remain on vehs (b) Fmn signs and Serial numbers of 50 (N) Div and Units under comd are shown at Appx "L".

61. Captured Enemy Tpt.

(a) Captured enemy tpt may be retained by units providing it is held within W.E.
(b) Application to retain captured tpt will be made to Rear 50 (N) Div, pro-forma set out in Appx 'K', will be submitted in quadruplicate when WD numbers will be allotted,


(a) 60 DUKWS have been allotted on scale of 15 per bde. RASC will arrange to load one ton of second line amn on each DUKW. Details of loads to be carried are shown at Appx "M".

(b) Bdes will ensure that the DUKWS are unloaded immediately on arrival in assembly areas, and the vehs will be detailed to report to CRASC 28 L of C Tpt Coln, at the report centre of 104 Beach Sub Area.


63. An adm sitrep will be submitted by all units through fmn HQs, who will consolidate the return, and despatch it to reach Rear 50 (N) Div by 1800 hrs daily. The sitrep will show the posn as at 1600 hrs, and will be submitted in accordance with the pro-forma set out in Appx "N".


64. Anti Gas

(a) Minimum scale of gas eqpt will be carried subject to the guiding principle that no man will be separated from his personal anti-gas eqpt except for a definite period or for a particular op where the risk has been accepted by the Fmn Comd concerned.

(b) All tps landing will carry capes and light respirators complete with eye shields, ointment and cotton waste. After landing the general principle set out in sub para (a) above will apply.

(c) All vehs will carry veh anti-gas eqpt, which will incl in every case one 2 lb. tin of bleach. Local alarms (rattles) from unit eqpt will also be carried on vehs. First line res or decontamination res will not be taken before D plus 17.

(d) .......... /14.

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